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We invite you to join our Aggie Moms’ Club

Joining and participating in club events are excellent ways to become familiar with Texas A&M University, to support your Aggie, and to form lasting friendships with other Aggie Moms.

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Top 10 reasons to become a member of
The Wichita County Area Aggie Moms’ Club

1. To form friendships and socialize with other Aggie Moms.

2. To stay connected to your child, learning the “in’s” and “out’s” of activities at A&M.

3. To receive information regarding Aggie Mom Club activities,  A&M activities and to hear guest speakers from A&M.

4. To raise funds that go directly to support local Aggies.

5. To have a chance learn the traditions of Texas A&M University.

6. To become as active an Aggie Mom as you choose. There is no pressure.

7. To learn the things about college life that your Aggie doesn’t share with you.

8. To have a monthly opportunity to brag about your Aggie.

9. To network with other Aggie Moms who are also experiencing “the empty nest syndrome”.


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